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In the Norfolk (U.K.) village of Cley Next The Sea, a white-crowned North American sparrow (top), a rare visitor to Britain’s shores, has become a magnet for pilgrimages by twitchers (bird spotters) and a fundraiser for the village’s Church of St. Margaret of Antioch.

Long story short: “The bird has made only four appearances in the U.K. in the past century.”

Twitcher tourists by the thousands are coming to view the seven-inch sparrow and so far have chipped in over $6,000 in donations to be used to mend the church’s 14-century roof.

Further on, Joe says:

Wrote Lewis Smith in a January 26, 2008 story in the Times (U.K.) Online, “It is the biggest sum yet collected by bird enthusiasts, for whom it is a tradition to make a collection when they throng at a village to spot a rare bird from abroad.”

 In other news, no, I haven’t forgotten that I declared today to be Revival Meeting. But I did forget that today is Tuesday, also known as “My Busiest Day at Work”, so you all get an 8 hour reprieve to think of something to write.


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