Mazel Tov!

This was one of those weekends where by 10pm tonight I’ll have done 40 hours of work in 4 days (and filed an injury report, the damn conveyor belt bit my hand!)

And at the Big Blue Box, we get two Sunday papers. They go into the break room, where they are instantaneoulsy disassembled into individual sheets and scattered about like so much confetti.

So along about my 7pm break, I finally tracked down the front page (and only the front page, it had been ripped from the back page for some reason).

And saw this:

Domestic Partnerships Allowed in Oregon

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A state law allowing gay couples to register as domestic partners belatedly took effect Friday after a federal judge ruled the state’s process of disqualifying petition signatures was consistent enough to be valid.

The state quickly announced that the domestic partnership applications were available online, and jubilant gay-rights activists predicted hundreds of couples would line up on Monday morning at county offices to register.

“We’re a family. We’ve been waiting for this for a long time,” said a beaming Cathy Kravitz of Portland. She said she and her partner of 21 years will be among those registering on Monday.

The next paragraph, though, was the scary one:

The petitions fell 96 signatures short of the 55,179 needed to refer the law to the November 2008 ballot. The petitioners claim that county clerks rejected signatures improperly.

So, to those 96 people who could have signed and didn’t, THANK YOU.

(To the 55,083 people who did sign, especially those who did at the request of their pastor who passed it around the congregation [true story, wish I was making it up, Jesus weeps {loudly and often}], the dozen roses I’m taking down to the courthouse tomorrow to hand out to the newly registered couples are dedicated to you.)

And to all the couples who will have their relationship legally recognized FINALLY!



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2 responses to “Mazel Tov!

  1. Thanks for the news — I hadn’t seen that, and there are some people in my extended family out in Scapoose who will need to get a personal mazel tov.

  2. I didn’t know. Wonderful after all the antigay initiatives that Oregon has fought its way through!