Soooo, you’re fasting, huh?

A coworker wandered by, saw my tasty lunch laid out on my desk.

 “Oooh! What’s that?”

“Samosa-style twice baked potatoes, Chinese-style greens, and a Quorn Chik’n Patty.”

“Soooo,” my coworker drawled. “You’re fasting, huh?”

I blinked. That was totally out of left field.

 And how, exactly, does one answer that? This is someone who is not under any impression I’m a saint (I had just told them yesterday the story about how, one time after my teenaged godbrother shot me in the head with a paintball gun, I hogtied him and left him in the woodpile for a while). And my religious practice is a deeply personal thing, I’m not comfortable about talking about it in public. I’d have been able to answer ‘What color are your knickers’ a lot easier.

I’m not going to tell you how I answered. Because it was more of a mumble than a definitive. How would you have dealt with this situation?


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6 responses to “Soooo, you’re fasting, huh?

  1. Wait, “samosa-style twice baked potatoes”? Is that what it sounds like? Mmm….

    (I have some samosas in the oven. The guy at the grocery asked if I was vegetarian when I turned down the chicken biryani he offered me. I told him, “No, only on Fridays.” 🙂 )

  2. I would have chewed with my mouth open and said, “This look like fasting to you?”, but that’s just me.

  3. Um, I want the recipes.


    I’ll post a couple of recipes this weekend. Kick me if I forget. — Mary Sue

  4. “You’ve got your calendar on wrong. Ramadan was two months ago and Ash Wednesday’s next week.” Geez, how rude! Sounds like a great meal. Your co-worker was just envious. And incapable of making pleasant small talk. How much does it cost to turn off the sarcasm and just say “My, that looks good!” Yeesh. Thanks in advance for the recipes. 🙂

  5. I would have looked at the miscreant over the top of my glasses spoken very clearly. And it would have been both pointed and quite unpleasant.

    What a git.

  6. “No. I’m slowing. I’m going to eat this very slowly and enjoy it a lot.” Then smile, take a bite, and ignore the hostile person.