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Tobias Haller is doing a lovely theological series he’s calling The Sex Articles (they’re over there on the sidebar, just scroll down a bit, you’ll see them). I always love reading Fr. Haller’s stuff, even if a lot of it makes a great whooshing noise as it travels far over my head. And the comments! Lo, how the comments are ever as interesting as the articles!

Hanyoldway, a recent post about-the-Sex-Articles -yet-not-in-the-series has something I felt needed highlighting, about why he’s writing.

Following Lewis, and as I said to the Anglican Evangelical, taking a position of judgment against sisters and brothers represents perhaps a far greater sin in the eyes of God than the sins against which one rails. The presumption of judgment, of taking the role of judge rather than as fellow defendant, is a poison which is racking the body of the church — as it has from the days of Christ himself and the apostles. The object of this judgment, in our day, is homosexuality, rather than in former times questions of circumcision, food offered to idols, gentile status, vernacular liturgy, episcopal authority, Trinitarian doctrine, the common cup, and any of the many points upon which members of Christ’s Church have attempted to distinguish themselves from other members of the same body. In this series of articles I am trying to raise awareness of the ambiguities and uncertainties that could render strict judgment on this issue less secure — to hold open the door of humility and charity that might allow some who seem very certain of the sins of others to understand that they might be mistaken.


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  1. Br. Tobias has quite the brain, don’t he ? I wish I was half as intelligent…

    (those that know me better might comment, “But David, you are half-ass intelligent.” 🙂