One of my favorite stories ever is of a Talmudic student who was honored to study with a very wise and respected Rabbi. The Student sat, excited, at the Rabbi’s feet for days and weeks and months, eager to learn great capital-T Truths.

But as time wore on, the Student began to notice a pattern. The Rabbi would never give a straight answer. As a matter of fact, the Rabbi would never give an answer at all! This got right up the Student’s left nostril, I tell you what.

One Spring afternoon, the Student had enough. He jumped up and shouted, “I am so sick and tired of you and your questions, Rabbi! Every time I ask you something, you ask me another question, and then another, and another! I am here to LEARN! I want solid ground beneath my feet! Teach me, Rabbi! Tell me some great truth about G-d and the Universe, about prayer, about the color of the sky… ANYTHING!”

The Rabbi tilted his reading glasses down, and looked over them at his student. “Why do you have such a problem with questions?”


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