So, remember that post where I was really angry about switching dates/times for stuff with no warning?

Strike that. The shindig will go on as planned on the weekend I have off.

 (It’s not a good thing when your priest refers to you as the Prodigal Daughter, right?)

Hanyoldway, Annual Meeting went off without much of a hitch. Although I think some folks are finally getting it through their thick skulls that when we say ‘budget deficit’ we mean “We’ve gone over the thing forty-eleven dozen times and cut everything we could possibly cut, and the only reason we managed to end last year in the black is because of 1) the big fundraiser that probably won’t go off this year unless someone steps up to chair it and 2) the fact we didn’t do any major building repairs and for this year we’re going to be $18,000, yes, Eighteen Thousand Dollars in the hole. Oh by the way, when we say ‘Mother is retiring in 2010’, we mean she’s retiring in TWO YEARS.”

PANICK! DEPSAIR! FREAKOUT! *rolls eyes* I’ve been on committees dealing with these issues for the last, oh, three years or so. I think we need to get a new record, ours is obviously broke.

We also elected 5 new people to the Vestry. Great folks, all of them. This is going to be an interesting year. It’s also my third year serving, which means first of all I’ve been at this church for… THREE AND A HALF YEARS! That’s right, they asked me to run for Vestry a very scant six months after I started attending the parish. And I said yes. Because that’s how I roll.

But it also means I have to think long and hard about if I’m going to stand for election again. And I also have to think long and hard about how, if I’m not on the Vestry, I’m very likely to be called to the Search Committee… and that’s a fresh hell I promised myself I would never, no never, no never do again.

So, check back in 12 months and see how I do on that promise.

Oh, and next year our teeny tiny parish is going to be 90 years old. Isn’t that wild?


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  1. Glad they got it. Most churches, in my experience, do not get schedules other than 9-5, M-F, when it comes to parishioners. They don’t realize how they’re excluding people outside the middle and upper classes, and sadly few care.

    The Prodigal Daughter? Hope he was smiling?