I am *so* angry right now.

ETA 1/28/08 – Please see followup post here. 

I’ve tried sleeping on it, and I’ve tried letting it go, but that’s not working. I am considering-changing-parishes angry, that’s how angry I am.

There was a church vestry retreat scheduled several months ago for Feb. 8th and 9th. This schedule was set after a big ol’ lecture about how we need to be more accountable to showing up for meetings. I said, “Sure, I’ll be there, I’ll ask for the time off right now!”

I asked for the time off in November and got it. Our schedules at the Big Blue Box are done two weeks ahead of time, and I checked last Sunday and sure enough, I had the time off. Cutting my paycheck for that time period down to 13 hours, which means I’ll get paid for 3 hours as my health insurance costs 10 hours.

Got an email yesterday. Apparently they decided the 8-9th won’t work, so the new one is March 14-15. The weekend of Palm Sunday. And I’ve already asked for the Tridiuum off.

Which would mean that, if I took the time off work for this retreat, I would OWE the Big Blue Box money for my healthcare.

I’ve decided that since this weekend is Annual Meeting and I’ve taken the time off of work for that, I’m not going to send an email. I’m going to tender my regrets in person to the Executive Council.

I just don’t get it. They tell me all the time that I’m a valued member of the community and they want me involved, and then they go out of the way to make sure I can’t participate in anything because I don’t follow a typical work schedule.



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4 responses to “I am *so* angry right now.

  1. This is a constant, tear-your-hair-out problem with the mainline. The statewide campus ministers’ meeting I attended at my last call met three times a year on Friday afternoon and Saturday. On the second day of my first meeting (I missed the first day because, yeah, I had a full time job in addition to being a campus minister), we heard a long speech about “cultural competencies” and how the mainline needed to get better at understanding non-white, non-upper middle class folks.

    Then they went ahead and schedule the next meeting for the exact same Friday afternoon-Saturday afternoon time slot, over the objections of everyone who was not white or had another job in addition to being a campus minister.

    I’m not sure what you do besides yell at that point.

    I’m thinking of more of a “It’s obvious you don’t want me here. Sayonara, suckers!” approach. — Mary Sue

  2. See if you can take the building with you if you leave. I mean, everyone else is doin’ it.

  3. I really is amazing how inconsiderate these organizations can be with your time. After all, we’re all volunteer labor.

    It’s no wonder more than half of the folks involved in my parish’s committees and such are retired people. Who else could put up with this sort of scheduling nonsense ? 😛

  4. This is really awful. I’m so sorry your time isn’t given the value it merits.

    They are being foolish.

    Pax, C.