My throat hurts, and I’m eating enchiladas (extra cayenne) and this made me laugh and hurt more.

Hanyoldway, what made me laugh was this article about How to Be an Emerging Church, written with tongue firmly planted in cheek by Sarah Bessy. I mean, the thing’s titled Walk Like an Emergent for crying out loud.

 Youse want excerpt? Youse got it.

• Piercings.
• Messy looking hair. (Go to bed with your hair wet and your t-shirt/jeans on and when you wake up in the morning you’re all set!)
• Don’t own a suit.
• Have super white teeth. Something that resembles a row of Chiclets is preferred.
• If you wear glasses (or even if you don’t), choose thick chunky frames in a rectangle shape.
• If you choose to grow a beard to be closer to Jesus, a “soul spot” on your chin that resembles a bit of food left clinging is a wise choice.
• Maybe a ring on your right ring finger with a cross in it or some Hebrew lettering.
Oh, and one more thing:
• Be a white male.

‘Fess up, we ALL know That Guy.


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