[insert cusswords here]

Taxpayers in Portland, Oregon will pay $190 million for proposed Iraq War Spending for FY2008. For the same amount of money, the following could have been provided:
 40,927 People with Health Care OR
 178,560 Homes with Renewable Electricity OR
 4,049 Public Safety Officers OR
 3,494 Music and Arts Teachers OR
 33,842 Scholarships for University Students OR
 20 New Elementary Schools OR
 1,176 Affordable Housing Units OR
 56,768 Children with Health Care OR
 28,158 Head Start Places for Children OR
 3,325 Elementary School Teachers OR
 3,178 Port Container Inspectors

Go here to get your own set of cussin numbers.

I owe my current blood pressure spike to Paul.



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2 responses to “[insert cusswords here]

  1. Suzer

    Ooh, fantastic (insert sarcasm). My state is spending $4.5 billion, and we’re almost dead last in education in the country. Cussin’ here, too.

  2. Sorry about the blood pressure, my sister. I take three different meds each day for mine (probably need four every time POTUS or Dick the dick opens his mouth). I did want to inflame us toward action but not to damage your body.

    btw, love your statement of belief.