My Head Hurts.

Not too badly, but just enough to remind me that I got conked in the head three times by three seperate customers this weekend. All accidents, of course, and two were forgiveable. But that one guy who would not stop trying to ‘help’ and made me slam my head into the register when I was trying to dodge the shelf he was moving? I’m a Christian, I’m ‘sposed to forgive, but even with the dodging and the clonking against the register, he still whacked me with the shelf.

And he didn’t even apologize.

 Can I forgive him later? Because right now, I’m still v. v. pissed off.

I have worked for 38 different companies in 17 distinct industries in the last 5 years, and this is the only gig where I have consistently come home with bruises. I would very much like to quit.

But to do that, I’d need to hear back from the places I interviewed, oh, let’s see… LAST FREAKIN’ MONTH.

 Grar. Mary Sue Smash!


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