Public Service Announcement

If your knees hurt, GO TO A DOCTOR.

Pain is BAD. Swelling is BAD. I don’t care if you can still walk, dance, and snowboard on it.

Trust me, PT and knee braces are a hell of a lot easier than cortisone shots and knee surgery. Even with the advancements in orthoscopic surgery.

This message brought to you because I’m working at a hospital. Health care workers are the biggest hypochondriacs and the last damnfools to seek medical attention. It may seem like a contradiction, but it’s true.



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2 responses to “Public Service Announcement

  1. Since I’ve been having shoulder pain since Thanksgiving, I took your advice and made an appointment with the ortho guy.

  2. You are right.

    What is wrong with us?

    Maybe it’s not wanting to hear hard news.