Thinking About Thinky Thoughts

I’m having one of those days where it’s difficult for me to communicate with people. It’s a translation issue.

The issue is I don’t think in words (verbal or written). I don’t think in pictures, either. I think in being.

 Yeah, that’s about as well as I can describe it. Sometimes people will ask me “What are you thinking about?” and I’ll make something up, because at that moment I wasn’t really thinking about anything, I was in an unfocused state, ignoring all outside stimuli, and when I snap back to awareness of the outside reality, sometimes I’ll have a great idea for a piece of fiction I’m writing, or sometimes I’ll have a sense memory of putting my keys down on my bed (which is sooo not where they’re supposed to be).

My memories are physical. I’ll remember how I was gesturing more than I will remember what I said in a conversation. I’ll remember whether or not my feet were hurting, or if I was wearing a scratchy shirt.

Metacognition is the big word for “Thinking about how  you think thoughts”. It’s what I specialized in during my graduate studies. It’s changed how I look at institutions a lot, also, because any institution that operates by only accessing people who think in certain ways (aural, visual, verbal, interpersonal) is not going to be balanced and is impeding its own growth.

When was the last time you thought about how you think?


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