I Love to Tell the Story

‘Twill be my theme in glory,
To tell the old, old story
Of Jesus and his love.

If it’s stuck in my head, it’s gonna be stuck in yours! Hahaha. Suckers.

Christianity is a story. It’s a really big story, starting from the Big Bang (wherein God, doing his best impression of my mother, Says Something and it Gets done), through the Israelites to that guy named Jesus, then through the apostles and saints and Church right down to the parts of the story we’re writing here today, in our individual lives.

Christianity is about sharing the story. That’s how it’s passed, from mouth to mouth, from hand to hand, one theological book quoting another down to the words the Man Himself said on a dusty road.

As bloggers, we’ve got this storytelling thing down pat. We pull out the stories of our own experiences and send them out into the universe, tumbling through space and time until they fetch up on someone’s computer screen to inspire, to make people laugh, to share tears and joy equally. We’re passing on the Christian story one pixel at a time.

But we are privleged. We have great wealth, not just in being able to access a computer and the Internet, but in the knowledge to use it, the specialized skill set that is required to be able to type, to access the Internet, to use a mouse.

Ours are not the only stories. Ours is not the only Christianity.

Ours is the calling to become the Storytellers. To go into our churches and communities, to not only tell the stories we have gleaned with our computer skills, but to learn the stories that are being written in the parts of the world that are far removed from computers. To bring those back to the storytelling tools, the computer, the Internet, and share these other stories.

This is my story.
This is my song.


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