The Handbag Can Be A Subtle Device

I’m reading through the latest hoohraw from the Pointy Hat Brigade, including the goings-on in Zimbabwe (I haven’t quite figured out which side to root for, so I’m just prayin’ hard instead), and I’m wondering where these boys were during History class.

Because the one thing I’m seeing, trickling around the edges of the blogosphere but much, much more prevalent in the actual parishes themselves, is that no matter what the bishops do or do not (there is no try), the people are having Church.

Locked out of the parish? Go somewhere else and pray.

Priests no longer subsidized by the diocese? Pay them out of pocket.

Bishop making silly demands and blocking your path? Nod politely, smile, and go around the bloody fool.

The Pointy Hat Brigade, for all its peacock strutting, is not teaching us the errors of our mistakes. They’re teaching us that we can live without them. And the harder they try to grasp on to ecclesiastical power, the faster the Church is slipping through their fingers and spreading through the world, a jug of water dropped and spilled, rivulets soaking into a dry and thirsting land.

And it’s about time. Thinking outside the little decorated box we’ve built up around ourselves, to protect ourselves from the outside world that will temper and try our faith. What use is a faith kept locked away? What use is Good News that’s a secret? What use is a light under a basket?

What use is a bishop who desires power over mercy?

Soooo, should I just go ahead and declare The Next Reformation fully in progress, or what?

Here’s your marching orders.

Let justice roll down like waters,
and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream!

Amos 5:24



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3 responses to “The Handbag Can Be A Subtle Device

  1. Times like this I wonder if I can be a High-Church Quaker. I’m still mystified about what bishops do besides confirm people and play politics.

    Wear pointy hats, duh! — Mary Sue

  2. I love the way you write about faith and religion. I think the Holy Spirit done blessed your typing fingers. Well, and your brain. *G*

  3. Woo hoo! Amos. My favorite OT prophet!