Remember when 36.6 kps was fast internet?

That’s what I’m logged in at currently Up the Mountain at my ‘rents house.

Just popping in for those of you who were praying for that thing from Wednesday to let you know that I picked up a message today (we also don’t get cell service Up the Mountain) saying instead of making a decision on Friday, they’ll be making a decision in January.

Merry Christmas, folks! I’m going to go back to my current vacation routine, which involves sleeping, then  eating, then sleeping some more (also, Enchanted is a funny, funny movie).



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2 responses to “Remember when 36.6 kps was fast internet?

  1. Jen

    Kind of makes a person wonder how we lived with 56.6 kb/s. I think after having DSL for a few years, I’d rather go without running water. 😉 Merry Christmas!

  2. And now that we have FiOS*, even DSL at a friend’s home feels slow…

    *(20 Mbps down. w00t! 😉