Gettin’ My Hopes Up

This started out as a very different blog post. But as often happens, I got stuck, and decided to take a spin around the blogosphere.

Fragments of words came to me, and appeared in comments here and there, and then I said, “Girl, what are you doing messing up other people’s blogs when you obviously have a Word to be giving? Don’t you have your own blog?”

What I see in the blogging world, especially amongst those who are responding to ++Rowan’s Christmas Message (which I labeled tl;dr, the man is getting right up my left nostril lately) is a sense of sighing, of shrugging the heavy burden to the other shoulder and stretching to pick up another weight to add to it.

“Reasonable”. You have to be bloody kidding me.

If we were reasonable people, us Christians, we’d sleep in on Sunday. If we were reasonable people, us Christians, we’d close all those parishes that can’t operate in the black (you know, 85% of them). If we were reasonable people, us Christians, we’d look at society and say, “Yeah, they’re arrayed against us, so let’s quit this silly faith thing and join the rat race festival of Make, Consume, Spend.”

If we were reasonable people, us Christians, we’d reject the concept of the Creator God daring to come to Earth as a wee bitty human baby, who then died, like, totally dead. And after that God died, that God came back to life.

Reason is highly overrated.

I’ve been trapped in the reason-loop myself, folks. I’ve been telling myself with my recent job duties transition at my temp gig to not get my hopes up, ’cause reasonably, Stuff Could Happen.

In Advent, I’ve been telling myself not to get my hopes up. In Advent, people! The time of hopeful waiting! Bad reason! BAD REASON! BAD! GO TO YOUR ROOM!

There are reasonable people out there. They’re using all sorts of reasons and ending their lines of reasoning with, “..and that’s why I’m right and you’re going right to H-E-Double Hockey Sticks you no good, horrible, very bad sinner.”

There is just one way to meet these reasonable people who preach doom, despair and death.

Meet them with an unreasonable hope.

(And I’m not going to shut up about hope, peace, joy, light, and life until the day God decides it’s time for me to take a nice little nap, so you might as well just start doing what I say, y’hear?)

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  1. God bless your cranky, hopeful self.