Hold on tight, the Holy Spirit’s Driving

This comes from a comment I posted over at Jake’s Place

Speaking as someone who has been a victim of actual, real-life domestic violence, I can now spot the symptoms of a victim mentality a mile away. Let me pass on to you some of the best advice I ever got from a shrink when I was healing from that abuse:

Screw the past. What are you doing about the future?

Look around you. All sorts of people here looking towards the future. Some of us on this road are still where we was knocked down, scraped and bloody hands and knees, bruised ribs, broken cheekbones. Our heads are not bowed down, though, we have not lain down in the dust and cursed our wounds.

We are not looking backwards.

Our eyes are on the Kingdom and we are moving towards it, shedding the bonds that have held us back. If all we can do is crawl one agonizing inch at a time, we’re still moving on, moving foward, moving up.

Wanna come with? It’s going to be one wild ride ’cause the Holy Spirit’s driving.


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  1. episcopalifem

    Ok. I’m coming. I’m up for the Holy Spirit’s ride (even though I feel a bit in the dark night right now).

    I’m willing, and God willing, I’m able.