Of Kicker Checks and Charitable Giving

The State of Oregon does this thing where, when they take a certain amount of tax money in over and above what they expected, they are mandated by law to give it back.

Kicker checks, as they’re called, have hit the streets of Oregon. Mine is quite sizeable, relatively speaking (it’s bigger than my paycheck for one job, smaller than the paycheck for the other).

I’ve been wrestling back and forth since Saturday whether or not I would use the sudden windfall to be responsible (i.e., pay bills that I’m already on track with) or redonkulus (i.e., Nintendo Wii).

Then I got onto PayPal today and found A More Excellent Way.

see, there’s all these charities in my town and around the world *cough City of God Appeal cough ERD cough Oregon Food Bank* that I want to give money to, but I usually don’t have money

And now… well, I don’t have my kicker check money, but those groups will! Luiz, if you buy those kids a Wii, I get to come over and play, ok?

(Ok, so I did take $20 of my kicker and bought a footstool out of the As Is section of the Big Blue Box.)


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