Open Letter Regarding the Writer’s Strike

Dear Sen. Clinton (, Sen. Edwards (, and Sen. Obama (Contact Form):

I applaud you for coming out in support of the Writer’s Guild of America strike. It is important to ensure all people, no matter whether their job entails building our nation’s transportation systems, ensuring decent health care services, or creating the entertainment that we all enjoy.

It has come to my attention that the AMPTP has hired Fabiani & Lehane to do “crisis management” to handle PR for this strike. It is my concern that this group will use union-busting tactics to ensure a speedy end to this strike and an unfair deal for the WGA members.

As long as Fabiani & Lehane are in the business of union-busting, we want your personal assurance that they will not be in the business of working with Democratic organizations, businesses, politicians or candidates. A strike is not a business opportunity to make a profit by harming the interests of working men and women.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Mary Sue

(p. to the power of s. Y’all are still reading United Hollywood, right?)


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