Ask Me Personal Questions!

Tonight is the Big Blue Box’s Happy Holidays Come Out And See What Your Coworkers Look Like When They’re Not Wearing The Exact Same Yellow Shirt As You Are Party.

 To mark the occasion, I’m wearing a dress and doing my hair.

…Um, someone want to break out the smelling salts for the folks in row 4, 8, and 16? Thanks.

Anyway, such preperations are going to involve a few hours of sitting around and waiting while things dry, so I thought I’d open myself up to trouble to answering any burning questions you have about me.

Leave ’em in the comments and I’ll make a new post tonight with the answers!

(P.s. I’ll also post photos of the Historic Event of Mary Sue Wearing A Dress.)


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One response to “Ask Me Personal Questions!

  1. If an employee is caught operating her own business using company resources (e-mail, network storage space, printer, postage, etc.) and I fire her, what documentation do I need to provide in the event that she sues for wrongful termination?

    Oh. I thought you were inviting PERSONNEL questions!