The End is Seriously Damn Nigh.

You’ll only get the joke if you’re a rather hardcore Buffy fan.

Which I am. Heeeeee.

Anyway, Advent’s one of those seasons that the preacherly and more mystical amongst us adore, because it’s full of the inherent contradictions that send them into lyrical, liturgical, and pretend I found another L-word here that means ‘wordy’ spasms. The end of death comes with a birth. The darkness is shattered by a bright light. The Blood is the Key. Wait, that was Buffy again. Why does Advent make me think of Buffy? Buffy only did one really crappy A Very Special Holiday episode. And it was actually a fairly decent episode, if I have to say that, I just really really hated Buffy and Angel’s relationship. Actually, I really hated Buffy and Angel. I watched for my sekrit boyfriends Giles and Xander and my sekrit girlfriend Willow. Ah, Willow, you won our adoration with your delightfully shy bookworm ways and you won our lust with that abso-bloody-lutely fantastic leather Evil!Willow getup….

*ahem* ANYWAY, for the rest of us who aren’t preacherly or more mystical (and who can stop thinking about Alyson Hannigan FOR ONE MINUTE, geez, brain, you’re getting a good scrubbing when we get home) , we can also rejoice because Sara at Going Jesus has once again favored us with It Came Upon A Midnight Weird – The Calvacade of Bad Nativities II: Electric Baby Jesus Boogaloo. As of right now, we’ve got a leprechaun Nativity, a snowglobe, and for the Star Wars fan in your life, a Jawa nativity.


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