Oh, Now, Here She Comes… Take Me Higher!

[glee] I rode the Tram!


(Nothing Even Vaugely Resembling Today’s Weather)

From http://www.portlandtram.org/:

The Tram cabins travel 3,300 linear feet between the South Waterfront terminal adjacent to the [Oregon Health and Science University] Center for Health & Healing, and the upper terminal at the Kohler Pavilion on OHSU’s main campus. Traveling at 22 miles per hour, the Tram cabins rise 500 feet for the three-minute trip over I-5, the Lair Hill neighborhood and the Southwest Terwilliger Parkway.

With the wild winds and rain, we went a lot slower than 22mph. But I’m so afraid of falling that it was kind of an interesting proposition to even step on the giant bubble.

I took one photo as we crossed I-5 with my camera phone. I’ll have to go back up the Hill in a few weeks anyway, I’ll remember to take my camera.

The person I was riding with, a veteran of the Tram who does the trip several times a week, was vacilitating between a rather touching concern for my shaking giggle fit, pointing out scenic highlights beneath the Tram’s path, and laughing at me.

 So I get back on the ground and turn on my iPod, what’s the song? U2’s “Even Better than the Real Thing”.

See subject line for lyrics.



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