Advent and Christmas Songs I F’n Love

UPDATE 12/6/07 – Who knew a post about Advent and Christmas songs would be a top Google hit? Not me! So for those of you looking for, you know, the WORDS to these songs, try the 1982 Episcopal Church Hymnal. Also please to be seeing companion post Advent and Christmas Songs I F’n Hate

This list is going to be rather larger.

  • God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen: It says it all in the first verse. No, really, I mean it says it all in the first verse

God rest ye merry, gentlemen,
Let nothing you dismay,
For Jesus Christ, our Saviour,
Was born upon this day
To save us all from Satan’s power
When we were gone astray.
O tidings of comfort and joy,
comfort and joy;
O tidings of comfort and joy!

  • On Jordan’s Bank the Baptist’s Cry: It’s pretty. What? I need a better reason?
  • Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus: It has the same trouble with tied notes as The First Noel but doesn’t succumb to the dragging as much. *shrug*
  • It Came Upon the Midnight Clear: Bing Crosby, imo, did the best version of this.
  • On This Day, Earth Shall Ring: I will ‘fess up, I love this song for the ‘i-de-oooo!” part in the refrain.
  • Good Christian Men, Rejoice: You cannot slack on this one. You have to sing it like you believe it. And even if you’re not feeling it, there’s no way you can sing this song without believing, just for a few minutes.
  • Go! Tell it on the Mountain!: I know, I know, that’s not how it’s punctuated in the hymnal. BUT THAT’S HOW IT SHOULD BE PUNCTUATED!
  • Joy to the World! The Lord is Come: Hah! That IS how it’s punctuated in the hymnal. Also, a descant that’s easily accesible to all voices. YAY! INCLUSIVE DESCANT!


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5 responses to “Advent and Christmas Songs I F’n Love

  1. Ann S

    May I suggest In the Bleak Midwinter? James Taylor does a lovely version…

  2. Ann S

    Oh hell.

    Just read the earlier post.


  3. I love “Joy to the World.” Also “Hark the Herald Angels” and “O Come All Ye Faithful.”

    Actually, I love most of the old ones.

    And yet, I also love “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.” I have no explanation for this.

  4. I’m a big fan of Good King Wenceslas. Love the story + the old-fashioned language, and the music fits my voice (mostly).

  5. I love Good King Wenceslas too. I have all the verses memorized. I’m a geek.

    And you like Personent Hodie (On this day earth shall ring in Latin) too. Come Thou Long Expected Jesus and Go Tell it on the Mountain are also great.