Hoo boy.

I just had a conversation that might just possibly lead to a decent-paying, permanent, full time gig in the city I adore.

 It’s not a teaching gig.

Ooog. I tell you this three times, and what I tell  you three times is true: I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know.

Update with more information-shaped things now that I’m not in the office: I’ve been trying to get my teaching license for THREE YEARS. Of those three years, I’ve spent 16 months at this gig. Been called back twice. And every time I’m back, a new position opens up that pays about the same as teaching, and I’m GOOD at this job and I like working here.

Butbutbut, it’s not teaching.


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2 responses to “Hoo boy.

  1. There are other ways of being a teacher besides doing it for a living. 🙂 Also, I saw you Sunday and was going to call you over to the Kiddie Cave to get one of the Lindt truffles I’d brought in (to apologize to my coworkers for having to call in sick on Black Friday), but I got grabbed and then you were gone.

  2. Nina

    A job you are good at and enjoy is a gift, and you are a gift when you do it well.

    Most jobs give you more free time than teaching does, too. People always carp about how much time off teachers get, but in fact you’re doing prep and grading before and after other people go to and leave work, taking courses during the so-called vacations, and doing insane amounts of bureaucratic hoop-jumping in addition to prep, grading, workshops, union meetings, road trips, carnivals, fund-raisers, games, and, oh yes, that teaching thing, which always demands more.