Discussing “The Golden Compass”

Coworker: I won’t go see that movie, because it’s demeaning to Christians and the Church.

Moi: Shoot, if Jesus can put up with having someone like me in the church, I think he can handle a stupid movie.



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3 responses to “Discussing “The Golden Compass”

  1. I’m reading the trilogy now, and thoroughly enjoying it. Besides, a church that can’t take a ribbing every now and then is a church I don’t want to belong to.

  2. Suzer

    I hadn’t heard about this. Why is it supposedly “demeaning”?

    Why, oh why, don’t Christians have enough faith that they can’t realize a simple movie is not going to jeopardize their relationship with God?


  3. Jen

    I’m reading the books, too, and if it weren’t for Bill Donahue, I never would’ve looked at them. They’re pretty enjoyable so far, and I don’t recognize my Church in theirs. Calvin as pope? come on. Alternate universe works because there’s some basis in reality. Those books are so fantasy, it’s not even funny.