Happy St. Clement’s Day!

The first Episcopal parish I got really involved in was dedicated to St. Clement of Rome.

Um, yeah. That’s all I know about the guy. Sorry.

Update 10:18am — Should have done my blog reading first. From The Old Foodie:

Today is the feast day of St.Clement, the patron saint of blacksmiths and of the Worshipful Company of Bakers, and main star of the nursery rhyme and children’s game of “Oranges and Lemons”. The rhyme ostensibly refers to the ringing bells of a number of churches in the City of London, and there are two contenders for the “St Clement’s” – St. Clement Danes (in The Strand) and St Clement Eastcheap (near London Bridge).

There are many interpretations of the possible symbolism and meaning of the rhyme, but no convincing historic associations between either of these churches and citrus fruit. It was deemed a good enough connection however for the small seedless cross between an orange and a tangerine to be named a Clementine.

Happy Patronal Festival to St. Clement’s, Rancho Cordova! I miss you guys!

As for me and my house, well, it’s a filthy mess today and I’m sitting at my day gig getting caught up on work (and blogs, since the phone’s rung twice) before I head out to the Big Blue Box tonight for my first ever Black Friday as a retail worker.

Um, yay?

Pray for me!


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