You Will Read This.

You will click this link. You will read Talmida’s excellent essay entitled Lighten Up, People!

And I KNOW when you click it, so you’d better click!

*sigh* You ain’t gonna click, are you? Here’s a wee tiny tidbit of a beautiful post that YOU SHOULD GO CLICK AND READ RIGHT NOW OMG.

Lighting trees and houses is pagan to begin with. And the pagans lit up to keep back the darkness. And that’s what I am fighting here — the 15 hours and 34 minutes of darkness that surround me. And the light keeps dwindling! There’s no hope in darkness. Hope comes with light. You can tolerate the darkness if there are lights. They don’t ever remove the darkness — but they help, they give you a point of reference. A direction to aim for.

So light ’em if you got ’em.


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  1. I read it, and I Amen’d it.