Brain Map

As with many folks I’m sure, I find it very difficult to analyze the way my personality is perceived by others around me. I rely on feedback from others, which comes either in a formal setting such as performance reviews, informally through reading body language during conversations, and sometimes through a Post-it Note drawing from a friend mapping what he perceives my brain power is spent on.


It’s something I have to take under advisement, I think. Although in my own defense, it is still November.

(By the by, he meant ‘pain’ as in thinking about causing people pain. You walk around the office one day with a plastic fork muttering ‘Stabby! Stabby!’ and they never let you forget it, geez…)

P.S. For those of you wondering how I resolved the Christmas List issue, I turned in a list asking for gift cards to the Big Blue Box, socks, and Legos (Star Wars a plus).


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