Where’d y’all come from?

Sudden spike in my web hits and I can’t figure out why.

 It’s not from referrers, it’s not from web searches.

*waves* Howdy!



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4 responses to “Where’d y’all come from?

  1. I come from Google Reader, where I have you on the radar. Vee are trecking you at all times.

    Good thing I’m a Trekker at all times. –Mary Sue

  2. honeybones

    Looking for aphrodisiac foods.

    You are evil and I love you bunches. 😛 — Mary Sue

  3. Paul

    I haven’t been through in a while (my bad) though you are on my bookmarks. So, howdy! I dropped by today since we have both read Jane R. and were both rejoicing at la Virgencita showing up in Leuven. She (la Virgen) will have her way!
    Que te vaya bien.

  4. Thru the Intertubes, I got there from the Mad Priest’s blog.

    As for meat-space, I’m in Plano, TX 🙂