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UPDATE 11/15/07 – Hey, people, he’ll still be our bish for the next two-three years, the discernment/search thingamajimmie isn’t even going to start until January.

HT to Elizabeth+, because I kinda forgot it was convention for my Diocese this week. Whoops. And DAMNIT!

Update 11/13/07This is currently the most searched post on my blog, probably ’cause our Diocesan Convention reps just got back and started spreading the news. Sorry, kids, I’m as much in the dark as y’all are. If anyone’s got contacts at Elk Rock, you wanna let them know that his parishoners would be much obliged if someone let us know what the ever-loving hell is going on? The Diocese of Oregon website is, oddly enough, http://www.diocese-oregon.org.

UPDATE later on 11/13/07 – the text of Bp. Itty’s statements is now available here and cites personal, professional, and family needs. OREGON: Bishop tells convention of plans to leave his position
By Mary Frances Schjonberg
November 09, 2007
[Episcopal News Service]

[The Rt. Rev. Doctor Johncy] Itty, 44, issued his call during his address that was part of the convention’s Eucharist. A text of his address is not yet available on the diocese’s website. The diocese’s communications director and others could not be reached for comment November 9 while the convention continued meeting.

The search, nomination, election and consent process for a diocesan normally takes about two years to complete. Assuming the person elected becomes bishop coadjutor, the Episcopal Church’s Constitution in Article II, Section I requires Itty to resign his position no more than 36 months after the coadjutor’s ordination and consecration.

Itty is the third-youngest member of the House of Bishops. He was 40 years old when he was elected May 17, 2003 to be the ninth bishop of Oregon. He received the canonically required consent to his ordination and consecration during 74th General Convention in Minneapolis in June 2003.

Prior to his election, Itty, who was born in India, was canon residentiary of the Cathedral of the Incarnation in Garden City, New York, in the Diocese of Long Island. Previously, Itty was the social justice officer for the Episcopal Church and served as the human rights officer in the Anglican Communion Office at the United Nations.

The Diocese of Oregon consists of more than 22,000 Episcopalians in 76 churches throughout Western Oregon.



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  1. Damnit. He baptized my son, and as my mother-in-law was head of the Vestry of her church, we had lunch with him and his family afterward. I’m sorry to see him leave.