The WGA Strike, or Love to the Writers!


I straight up support the Writer’s Guild of America strike, yo. What the studios are trying to do is INSANE!

…you have no idea what I’m talking about, do you?

For the video inclined:

For the wordy among us, an excerpt from the really well written John Rodgers, who writes my favorite comic book, Blue Beetle, and also does some writing for the teevee and the movies.

There is some grumbling among the screen-bloggers of various levels that the strike is being driven by the rich writers who can afford to take some time off work. That the middle class writer will be hosed. This is a bullshit complaint. I keep saying this, over and over again, and will restate it before the end of this post: We are all writing for the box set now. There will be no middle class of writers if we don’t get a good deal on internet downloads, just as there’d be more working writers now if we’d gotten a better deal on DVD/home video back in the day. I have immense amounts of sympathy for young beginning writers who are seeing their first staff jobs evaporate, and for all the below the line people who will suffer when production stops. But we gotta do this now.
Writers: “We want residuals in internet downloads, let’s start at a 2.5% for a negotiating point, an increase in our DVD residuals from .3% to a nominally less pathetic .6%, and a bunch of other bullshit that’s on the table for negotiating purposes.”

Studios: “How about ZERO PERCENT, not only of the new stuff but we also redefine existing residuals so that you won’t get any of those, either? Oh yeah, and here are some other rollbacks, all financially punitive and some actually morally objectionable!”
The Studios’ position on internet streaming is patently ridiculous. It is not “promotional” to show an entire episode, with commercials. Trailers are promotional. Clips are promotional. An entire episode, and again son, pay attention heah, with commercials —

— with commercials —


— is a frikkin’ rerun.

Now, here’s the wild thing: last time there was a major strike was 1988. It went for five months.

But back then, there wasn’t the Internet and crazy, crazy fan communities who do stuff like, oh, send pizza to the picketers with signs that say “You fed our minds, we’d like to return the favor.”

By the by, the pizza folks? Are fans of a show that was CANCELED YEARS AGO. Bwahaha. My fandom so crazay!

Going into reruns is gonna suuuuck. So is the reality shows you just KNOW they’re going to try to fill with. The only way to get it to not-suck is for us consumers to also step up and tell the studios “Start playing nice, we want our shows back!”

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