My New Favorite Person

Buffy in the ER by Susan Palwick:

Buffy also figured prominently in a visit I had with a patient, a burly guy my age or older, in the waiting room. I complimented him on his Serenity t-shirt, and we both agreed that Joss Whedon’s a brilliant story-teller, and then we started talking Buffy.

“So what’s your favorite episode?” I asked him.

He laughed. “That would have to be ‘Once More With Feeling,’ right?” We agreed that Season Seven sucks. I don’t remember his opinion on Season Six, and I decided not to ask how he feels about Spike.

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2 responses to “My New Favorite Person

  1. So you know about Joss’s proposed series Dollhouse with Eliza Dushku, correct?

  2. Oh, and as for my own favorite episode: “Hush,” by far. But I still can’t stand to watch that kid’s heart getting cut out. I have a phobia about surgery without anesthesia, you knee.