It’s Good To Be Back

Y’all may remember in March I was sad ’cause I left a long-term temp job and the agency didn’t get me any more for a while.

Well, I kept in touch with some of the people from there, and it turns out that another 4-6 week temp position opened up, a position that I actually trained the last three people what held it. The supervisor called me and asked me if I’d be interested.

 “Sure,” is what came out of my mouth.

 “OH BOY OH BOY GOODY GOODY GOODY YAY!” is what I was thinking.

 I walked around to familiarize myself with the layout and was greeted with great big ol’ warm “Welcome Back!”s and one dead stop, double take, “Oh thank God it’s you!”

And underneath the monitor at my work station was a little troll doll with pigtails. He used to live on the corner of my work space when I worked here before. I’d last seen him in March, as I was leaving the building. I’d dropped him in my geek-buddy-coworker’s mailbox, with a bag of microwave popcorn (don’t ask, long story).

Yep. It’s good to be back. 😀

<i>Edit: I should mention that this is a day job, I’m still working weekends at the Big Blue Box. They pay my insurance, after all…</i>



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4 responses to “It’s Good To Be Back

  1. So does this mean no more stories about working at “The Big Blue Box” ? (I enjoyed those, but I’ve got a bit of an IKEA fetish 😉


    No fear, my dear, this is my day job. I still moonlight at the Big Blue Box. They pay my insurance, after all. — Mary Sue

  2. Oh, so glad you got some happy job news for the next while.

  3. Jen

    Yay! It’s about time someone I know/read has good work news…

  4. Glad to hear you’ll still be at the BBB, even if I rarely get to do more than wave at you from inside my little cave.