10/26/07 Update: Someone linked to this post as part of a screed about how Harry Potter is forwarding the American agenda to make kids liberal gay abortionists, or some such. So, if anyone’s actually bothered to follow the link from there to here, you might want to read Who is Santa Ignora? before you read this.

Am I the only one who always thought Albus Dumbledore was gayer than a gay thing on Gay Day in Gaydonia?

‘Cause, I mean, really, wasn’t it just kind of a given?

And now people are trying to politicize it, but for the love of the sweet Baby Albus Severus Potter, he’s FICTIONAL.

(In other news, why is there in all of East Portland only one church that’s open if you just want to pop in and have a quick prayer, but it charges $6 for a votive candle? Also, why do I seem to carry about in my head a listing of the service times and addresses of every Episcopal, RC, and OCA church within a five mile radius of my house?)



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4 responses to “Seriously?

  1. he’s FICTIONAL
    So was the Good Samaritan and the Prodigal Son. They’re still quite influential though.

  2. What would happen if you took your own candle into the Grotto, I wonder?

    They chuck them out once a day. I’ve seen the guy who does it. —Mary Sue

  3. I don’t know how far you are from St. Ignatius on SE 43rd, but they stay open for prayer almost all the time and the candles are small and inexpensive. And I don’t think they throw out the ones people bring from the grocery store.

    They also have pretty windows, a new icon of Ignatius over the pulpit for the centenary, and one of the coolest Good Friday services in the world–the cross is passed overhead up and down the nave through the entire congregation instead of carried down by the priest.

  4. Six bucks for a candle?!? Are they those massive ones that burn for a week? Or are they wimpy tealights, or something else in the scale?

    *Makes mental note to light wimpy tealight for Mary Sue’s intentions next time she’s in church.* Even at the current $/£ exchange rate, that’s 40 cents.

    Well, they are the week-long ones, but still, I can pick those up at the grocery for 1.50. I mean, the donation thing I understand but for crying out loud, SIX BUCKS is just too, too much for this former Protestant. — Mary Sue