Thoughts on the Occasion of Someone Crying

Oh crap, is she crying?

Crap, she is crying.

What do I do? What am I supposed to do? Is there something I should do?

Should I just ignore it? I mean, what if she wants to be alone right now? My office iskinda far away from hers…

Jesus, I can’t just sit here. Something in me just wants to go and hug, but we’re not really at the hugging stage of our relationship. Where’s the Kleenex box? There used to be one around here somewhere. I’ll take the kleenex in and…

…and say ‘Is everything ok?’ is that really the best I can come up with? Hello, of course everything’s not OK, duh, there’s CRYING.

Ok, here’s the Kleenex. Go into her office. Hand her the Kleenex box.

Can’t plan it all out. There’s no script. Ask, “Can I get you something?”

Dive off into the deep waters. Keep your mouth shut. Beat the cliches to death with a big stick.



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  1. Beautiful. Thank you!