Days Like Today, I Get It.

No, really, I get it. Why some people hook up with ultra-rigid worldviews.

Because it would be so freakin’ nice to be able to blame my current situation on, oh, shoot, things like demons and sin and anybody but myself.

But I decided to put off starting the process for my teaching credential. I decided to move when I didn’t have my CA license finalized. I decided to buy things instead of setting aside an emergancy fund.

It would be nice to blame someone else.

Too bad I can’t.



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3 responses to “Days Like Today, I Get It.

  1. Oh honey…that’s such a hard place to be. I’m sorry.

    But I applaud your courage at assessing your own choices. So many people never get there.

    And chances are that, going forward, you will take what you have learned and make better choices. I know that I have gotten MUCH more financially conservative as a result of some really awful mistakes I made in my younger years.

    I’m hoping that my attempts to rectify those mistakes will ensure that I don’t end up living under a bridge and eating cat food when I’m old… 😉

  2. Insert every single word that Doxy wrote here.

  3. Took me 50 years to get financially stable, but I’m hoping that it won’t take you that long. Living with our mistakes is one reason we make confessions, atonement to others (Jesus took care of the God thing), and try to make changes. In my experience, small ones work best.

    Chin up, darling, you can do it. You’re smart. One step at a time. One day at a time. Look forward and backward – or does that only come with motherhood when you have eyes in the back of your head? Anyway, lots of love and prayers to you.