Oh, for Pete’s sake!

I added up all the money I needed to finally, FINALLY send in my application to the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission, and did some other calculations, and figured out that with my Unemployment check for the next three weeks would cover it, with a diet of brown rice and beans.

Logged on to claim unemployment for last week, discovered that since I worked 60 hours a couple weeks back, they have canceled my claim.

I am so sick and tired and frustrated of these ups and downs you don’t even KNOW. It’s really, really hard to keep myself from going into a fugue because– hell, I’ve done everything I can, except move, and I can barely even afford gas for my car to get me to the Big Blue Box.


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  1. (((Mary Sue)))

    I wish I could do more than just send cyberhugs your way. I’ll keep praying…