Oh my glory

I have several stock phrases that come out of my mouth as responses to times, seasons, and emotions. “Oh my glory” is one I find myself saying a lot, and that’s something of a warning sign.

Because the next three words are always, “I’m so tired”.

Between three different gigs, I worked the last twelve days straight. Thanks to a hiccup in the work flow at one gig, all us temps were released and I now have two solid days with nothing to do (except all those errands that fall by the wayside when you’re too busy to catch your breath).

A very long time ago, I came to the conclusion a Sabbath Day of Rest is a good and neccesary thing for humans, even if it isn’t on Saturday or Sunday. We’re not designed to keep going and going, and if we do not choose to rest, our bodies will break down and force us to rest.

My body’s hovering on that edge of breakdown, and these two days are nothing less than a blessing.

If you need me, I’ll be in a chair on the porch, taking a little snooze.


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