Things I’m thinking about.

– Since I’m only part white, does that mean I’m only partially Satanic?.
 – The ECLA Worldwide Assembly has followed in the footsteps of a whole bunch of churches (mine included) and wussed out. Yeah, yeah, pastoral reasons, bla bla bla, listening process, bla bla bla, I don’t give a flying fedora right now. Instead of sucking it up and saying one way or the other and then getting on with life, they’re pulling the band-aid off slowly by basically saying, “Well, if you want to be gay, your local leaders will tell you whether or not it’s Biblical and you’re a human being deserving of love.” Hate to bust your bubble, punkins, I am a human. Therefore deserving of love. If you don’t like that, take it up with God and leave me alone, ‘kay?

– Everyone’s talking about Assumption/Dormition/Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which was yesterday. I celebrated my name day feast by going home, throwing my uniforms in the laundry, taking cold medicine, and going to bed early. But I’ve always wondered; how much of what Mary’s supposed to have said in the Bible did she really say? I mean, if an Angel in Glory stopped by my house when I was a teenager and said, “Hail Mary, full of Grace, the LORD is with thee”,  my response would have been, “Um… okay?”

– I think the BVM is one of those saints who gets the girly workover a lot. “Oh, she was so submissive to God and did such a good job as a single mother raising the Son of God with a deadbeat biological father, and she never raised her voice and was always sunshine and roses even when her son was breaking her poor heart.” Yeah. Did you miss the part when Jesus did his walkabout in Jerusalem and she finally found him, what’s the first thing she did? Went into a guilt-trip scold.

– I’ve gone from no jobs to two jobs. Both are temporary, but I’m working about 60 hours a week for the next three weeks (I’m working 13 hours today alone! Yay?) So if it’s quiet around here, that’s why. I am still thinking about How to Be An Episcopalian in Daily Life.

– I’m also wondering what you priestly folks think is the most important thing you learned in seminary.

-And finally, I’ve been toying with the idea of podcasting. I don’t know why. I think, though, there’s a dearth of podcasts of the ‘liberal’ Anglican/Episcopalian variety.  *shrug* We’ll see.



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  1. I always think of the times when she ordered him to do his first miracle at Cana, and where she and his brothers came looking for him because they thought he had gone crazy.

    I don’t think she was some kind of doormat. I suspect she was curious when that angel showed up.

    I’ve often wondered how many other girls the angel went to before he found one to say “Yes.”

  2. Being an Episcopalian in daily life…I’m launching a faith in daily life discussion group this fall, but I suppose the GTA is a bit of a commute, as I understand you’re in the Portland area.

    The most important thing I learned in seminary? I can’t put it into a pithy sentence, but my Clinical Pastoral Education, the twelve weeks I spent in hospital chaplaincy and group work, was the largest personal growth of my life.

    In systematic theology my greatest insight was either Capax Dei, that we are capable of God, or the “systematic” part of the title, that the Christian story really does hold together remarkably well.