Why do they make it so hard to go to church?

Here’s the deal: I have to work Sunday. 8-5pm. Saturday I’m working 10.30-5pm.

St. Thatguy the Dude is barely big enough to have one Sunday service, so I know I’m going to have to find somewhere else (and confound it, I was really looking forward to going to St. Thatguy this weekend). I first scroll around the Episcopal churches, those that bother to have webpages with schedules on them. No dice. The cathedral does a 5pm Saturday, but it’s 15 miles from where I’m working that day, so I’ll get there just in time for the Eucharist, if I’m lucky. There’s absolutely nada in the realm of late Sunday services offered in any of the 14 TEC parishes in driving distance of my Sunday workplace. The next Eucharistic service offered at the Cathedral is Wednesday. At 12:15pm.

So I go look at our Roman bretheren and sistren’s webpages. Sure, no Eucharist for me, but still church. If a Saturday vigil mass is even offered, they start at either 4 or 5pm. There are two late Sunday masses that I can make: one is at 7.30pm and is 25 miles from my workplace and 10 miles from my house, at St. Crankypants*, which I’ve been to before, and the other one is a mere mile from my house, at 7pm. In Spanish.

Yeah, I might speak Spanish, but not terribly well, and I sure as shooting don’t have any of the prayers memorized in Spanish.

I haven’t been to church in three weeks. This’ll prolly make it four.

*a commentary on the saint, not the people



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3 responses to “Why do they make it so hard to go to church?

  1. This has got to change (St. Thatguy, etc… not your, frankly, miraculous persistence).


  2. Suzer

    I never much liked when I worked jobs that required me to work on Sundays. My employers didn’t have any respect for churchgoing folks, no matter what job it was. In fact, for one employer (large retail company), I had to work until 8 p.m. on Christmas Eve and was given sale flyers to hand out at the midnight mass (no joke!). Heaven forbid you requested to work a later shift on Sundays so you could perhaps get to church maybe twice a month!

    So sorry you’re having trouble finding a service to go to. Most churches in my area have their last mass at 5 p.m. Hope a good alternative will pop up for you soon.

  3. Have you had a gander at ELCA churches in the area. Full communion and all that.