Bad Day. BAD DAY! BAD! BAD! Go to your rug!

Got rejected from one job by form email letter today. Even though I’d been to three interviews for it.

Then, tonight at 9.30pm, I opened up my IKEA packet and discovered that a) today is not July 8th, which meant b) my mandatory training was in fact today and I had missed it, and since it was so late, I won’t be able to get ahold of anyone to explain that this is 1000% not like me and pretty please can I still have a job?

My mother, of course, said, “Don’t worry, there’s something better just coming down the road for you.”

I replied, “It can bloody well hurry up!”

ETA: I’ve been rescheduled for tomorrow. But since I’ve now seen two sunrises with no sleep between, I’mna gonna go pass out now.



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3 responses to “Bad Day. BAD DAY! BAD! BAD! Go to your rug!

  1. Sigh. Wish I had a magic wand to make it well. Maybe Ikea will listen if that’s the job you really want. I tend to agree with your mother, but the road can be long. (((((((Friend))))))))

  2. Go To Your Rug!
    God, that is funny! It reminds me of Kindergarten, where padrecito was often sent to his rug to contemplate his misbehaviour!

    I’m praying for you everyday, and I agree with your mom and sharecropper, it’ll work out. I know it’s tough to wait.

    smooches and hugs and stuff.

  3. Hope the training went well on the rescheduled day. Take care and may the right thing show up soon and announce itself clearly.