So, when I say I took a part time (less than 19 hours a week), temporary, seasonal, barely-over-minimum-wage job, most people would wonder why I’m gleeful.

Well, number one, there’s a good chance I’ll be picked up as a permanent, part-time employee at barely-over-minimum-wage fewer than 19 hours a week. And at this company, that means you get healthcare benefits. Which would mean that I could substitute teach and still have some income and have HEALTHCARE, which subs don’t get.

And I get to stay in Portland!

But the glee is still present, because even as a temporary employee, I get the coworker discount.

And I’m working for IKEA.

I was seriously sitting in the interview room, doing the pre-employment spit-drug-test-swab thing, and looking at the lamp and saying, “It will be mine. Oh, yes! It will be mine!”



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3 responses to “Glee!

  1. Yippee wahoo congratulations! Good things are happening at last! May this be just the beginning.

  2. I’m delighted about the job, but I’d be spending all my paycheck on their products. I’m thinking of redoing my kitchen in Red Akrum Abstrak. This will keep you afloat for a while and who knows where it will go for you! Congrats!

  3. Happy furnishing and thrilled to hear you got a job! Any job.