Knew I should have cussed more.

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It got this rating ’cause I said ‘lesbian’ twice and ‘sex’ once. Which is, well… SILLY!



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5 responses to “Knew I should have cussed more.

  1. johnieB

    Want some help?

  2. What is this – The Disney Blog?

    No, that would be my sister the Disney Employee’s blog! — Mary Sue

  3. See, when not working I’m a big fan of Hawaiian shirts. They’re nice and cool, and make me look really dorky. Perfect!

  4. I don’t think they examine more than a two or three blogs to get this rating. And, cussing is greatly overrated. By the time you’re 61 and still cussing, it’s not quite as much fun, but I do like to make people stare when I come out with something outstandingly cussworthy. Still keeping you in my prayers.

  5. Mary Sue—mine is rated R. Should I post that?