Regarding the Lambeth Invitations

I didn’t get one.

Which, you know, not surprising, but since everyone else is shouting about how they did or did not get one, I wanted to be in on it. Bandwagons are fun!

I think ++Rowan was just afraid I’d buy a new handbag for the occasion. A nice, big one, with sturdy straps.

I’m a soldier, after all, in the Army of the Lord. Gotta go into battle with appropriate weapons, and some of those bishops have dispoportionately thick and pointy skulls.



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3 responses to “Regarding the Lambeth Invitations

  1. I didn’t get one either.

    And, truth be told, I could use a new handbag, too.


  2. I have the handbag to end all handbags…you could put a small country in it and still have room for your wallet. But I didn’t get an invitation either, so I guess I shall not be able to whap unruly bishops with it. Sigh.

  3. johnieB

    May I suggest you no doubt lovely women might put a few rolls of change or other suitably weighty and compact objects in those handbags? Some AC bishops may need a bit more than an attention grabber; I suggest a moderate pummeling to start, then an initial assessment before commencing with the full treatment.

    Of course, in some cases, we should go directly to full bore assault; some of these twits have concrete skulls.