*crawls back into bed and hides under the covers*

Was reading Kathryn’s post on the It Takes ONE Woman Foundation (formerly the Rev. Li Tim Oi Foundation, a good post about the work this group does training and supporting female clergy in the Global South… Good group. You should learn more about them.

Reading along, get to this part:

In contrast, Christina asked the “daughters of Li Tim Oi” what the hot issues were for them, those things that affected every aspect of life and ministry. Their list included

ignorance and illiteracy
discrimination against women
traditional/cultural values
domestic violence
child abuse and child sacrifice….

Wait a minute, back up, what’s that last one again? No, I didn’t read that right, did I?

I wish I thought I could forget Christina’s stories of the evil power of the witch doctors, which survives beneath a thin veneer of modernity. One day she stood looking at the skyline of Kampala with an African friend who explained..”Those low lying buildings will have needed the sacrifice of a chicken to ensure that all went well…The larger houses over there will have taken a goat or a cow, but the high rise office blocks demand the sacrifice of a child”

Okay, I’m not naieve, no one who’s worked in a public school even for a short time underestimates the depths of cruelty that human beings are able to perpetrate on the helpless among them, but what the fuck is wrong with people?


I can’t go to Africa right now, my arms aren’t long enough to reach from Oregon and smack people or hug babies, and I’m unemployed, so my fixed income doesn’t stretch to many luxuries. You know what I can do? I can give up my one little luxury, my comic books, for a week and send that money to the foundation, so they can train up women to fight this shit. And then I’m going to go crawl back into bed and hide under the covers, because right now I cannot deal with it.

Where the hell’s my wallet?


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