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There’s an interview with Terry Moore over at

It’s an interesting read. I, myself, don’t follow his comic Strangers in Paradise (not enough explosions), but I’ve read a bit of it and it’s really a solid story.

Here, though, is the part of the article that— well, I want y’all to read (because I know when I link these things that not everyone follows the links, Big Brother is watching you!)

AE: Tell me about the experience with your church, if you don’t mind.
TM: Well, I was raised mostly in the South, and my parents were Church of Christ, which is very conservative. When I started this comic book series, I started the gay theme as a loving tribute to my first cousin Ben who was gay and died very early on when AIDS came along. That’s what I was thinking of and dedicating my work to. … I had very, very strong convictions about this. I wasn’t doing something for the titillation factor.

People in my church, my acquaintances, would say, “What are you doing?” I’d say I was doing a comic book, and so they’d go read it and come back to me, shocked, and say, “What are you doing? There are gay people in here!” Well, yes. [Laughs.] “Well, why are you doing this? Where are you going with this?” And I’d say, “I’m going to write a story about what it’s like to be that way and all the prejudice, and these people have hearts and feelings, and look at the damage that’s being done here.”

They’d respond, with “but, but, but” and all those reasons and excuses. Well, I wouldn’t back down, and eventually I was asked to step aside: “This is not appropriate; you’re not welcome here.”

AE: That was more than a decade ago, just as the book was starting.
TM: Yeah, and it affected me permanently. I have never been able to look at church the same way since. At least on that level, I understand the struggle between gay people of faith and finding a place to worship.

ETA: Dear God: Please quit being an asshole to me and my family. No Love, Mee.
EATA: Please pray for my aunt M, who’s just been diagnosed with colorectal cancer


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