Douchebags for Jesus

MadPriest pointed it out, and if you haven’t read it, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?

Douchebags for Jesus

I believe in a God who doesn’t mind a few playful jabs at his image, but does mind when his people think that they can say a bunch of stupid things in his name. In my personal vision of God (colored by a Catholic upbringing, a Presbyterian mother and several years of fashionable agnosticism) God is a middle-aged man who understands failure and stupidity because he invented them. He can be angry and jealous, prone to destructive rampages which psychiatrists would refer to as “acting out.” But he can also be kind and loving. Like us humans, he has the capacity for regret (He’s never forgiven himself for forgetting to put the dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark).


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  1. Charlotte

    Is this the same God of Kevin Smith’s Dogma?
    Sounds very similar, without the George Carlin beard or Alanis Morissette’s lovely locks.

    p.s. I found my way here via Closeted Pastor from Don’t Eat Alone.