Six Weird Things

MoCat tagged me a few days ago. I, however, am lazy. So I didn’t get around to it until now.

1. I have never, ever had a dream without a family member appearing in it. Even the traditional “Oh, crap, a monster is chasing me dream!” will have me run by, say, Second Cousin Mike, who’ll wave and say, “Whatcha doin’?” Thanks be to God, I don’t have sexy-type dreams.

2. I am painfully, cripplingly shy. Anyone who has ever met me is surprised by this. Mostly because I handle the crippling pain by talking a lot.

3. My love for Neil Diamond is greater than the stars in the sky. I’ve only been to three concerts in my adult life, and one of them was Neil. His was the bestest (sorry, Beastie Boys).

4. I don’t understand women. Which, you know, kinda weird, since I *am* one. Seriously, makeup? What the hell? Cover up the fact you have clogged pores by covering your face with stuff that clogs your pores. Don’t even get me started on pointy-toed high heels and skirts, and crying to get your way.

5. I hate squishy foods. This includes avocados, bananas, and mangoes. They make me want to yurk.

6. I have a huge fascination with Japan. Yes, I know a lot of geeks of my generation are in the same boat. My fascination, however, can be traced to a throwaway anecdote in an obscure Robert A. Heinlein book I read when I was 12 years old. The story tells of the tiny deer of Nara, which you can FEED OUT OF YOUR HAND! I studied the Japanese language and culture, first on my own and then formally in college. When I got my B.A., I took two weeks and actually traveled to Japan, on my own, with nothing but a passport and 200,000 yen. Finally, FINALLY I made it to Nara. A woman sold me a package of deer cookies, and I got to fulfill a lifetime ambition and feed the insanely cute little deer…

…and one bit me on the ass.

I think there’s only five people in the whole of the blogosphere who haven’t done this yet, therefore, if you haven’t done this, TAG!


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5 responses to “Six Weird Things

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  2. I actually tagged you first, but hmph…you didn’t see my tag!

    So the cute little deer bit your butt? That’s not nice, after you went all that way!

  3. Those Nara deer bite. No, really. I was there in 1983 and a person in my group got bitten in the hand by one. They are cute-looking but dangerous!

  4. G. Oltz

    You are so talking my language. I totally don’t get women, either–and I am one, too.

  5. FWIW — I took you up on the open tagging. I’m pretty weird. Or not. 🙂