On the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Visit to the U.S.

So, finally, they got the truth out of him. He’s taking a few months off this summer to come to North America and “encourage local congregations.”

I think he forgot to finish his sentence. Encourage us to do WHAT, exactly?

Dearest Cantaur, you’re a lovely figurehead. Most Episcopalians, those of us who make up the majority of the butts in the pews, think upon you with fondness.

Well, when we think about you at all.

And those of us with our butts in the pews of these local congregations, well, punkin, most of the time we’ve already come up with ways to deal with The Current Unpleasantness. We’ve listened to each other, we’ve talked about our lives, and some of us have made shifts either in our thinking or in our parish membership. And now we’re working in our own, stumbling ways, to bring about a bit of God’s Kingdom, here on earth.

I sincerely doubt that Cantaur will make it out to one relatively quiet diocese in the Pacific Northwest. And even if he did, well, there’s bigger, flashier parishes than St. Thatguy the Dude to visit.

But if he came to St. Thatguy, well, we’d throw him a party. Some nice cookies, little cake, maybe some GIN. We’d show him around, the pews purchased by immigrants from the West Indes at the turn of the 20th century, the computer lab purchased by their descendants at the turn of the 21st. You can’t shut our crew up, we’ll all take turns cornering him to talk about the pet programs we’re involved in: Payday Loan Fairness, Child and Schools Advocacy at the state legislature, Department of Peace, Ecumenicisim and Interfaith event sponsored by or held at our parish, our missionaries in Eastern Oregon and Australia. We’d trot out the architecture drawings, not for a new parish or hall or administrative building, but for our low-income housing project and a drop-in mental health center. We might even have guests from our weekly free dinner come in, because they know that when the doors are open, we’ve got food of some kind to share, a place to be warm for a while, and we’d welcome them with the same open arms as the ABC got.

Maybe, just maybe, ++Rowan should stop by St. Thatguy. I mean, sure, we don’t need much encouragement, but maybe he could borrow a little bit of our courage.


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  1. Yeah, I’ve got my own tale of Dr. Rowan’s lack of chutzpah in Jerusalem (or rather, lack of chutzpah to be in Jerusalem). But the Anglican representative who showed up in his place seemed to be a reasonably nice guy when I was standing in line with him at Ben Gurion airport.

    However, I digress.

    One, catching up on blog reading and, as always, enjoying myself a great deal here at the Order of St. Ignora. 🙂 Your description of your ear/sinus infection sounds dreadful. But I can relate to loving Vicodin (and Percocet) so much I wanted to make sweet love to it, if such a thing were possible. Hope you’re feeling better.

    Two, St. Thatguy is starting a drop-in mental health clinic? Brilliant! Seriously, that is so so so needed in these parts.

    Well, to be fair, we’re *talking* about opening one. Fingers crossed! —Mary Sue