Woo! Party at my house!

Yes! It is a time to celebrate!


I found it yesterday when I was braiding my hair (note: picture is not my hair) and there, sticking out from the temple, a one-inch, wiry, grey hair.

I have been waiting for this day for so long, I’m so excited it’s here!

Oh, a couple of you have strange looks on your face. You’re wondering why I’m so excited to have a grey hair.

Why shouldn’t I be excited? I’ve gone through childhood, survived adolescence, am now getting the hang of being an adult.

I’m alive today.

Which, as recently as 2002, would have not been a sure bet.

Part of living is aging. I’ve been watching a lot of daytime teevee since I’ve been unemployed. Almost 75% of the commercials have to do with aging, either preparing to be old, or pretending not to be old.

Shuck that fit. I’m looking forward to being old. Being old is a helluvalot better than the alternative, being dead. So I’ll love my unfashionable wrinkles and my little grey hair, as much badges of honor and survival as my scars.

I think I’m naming my first grey hair ‘Bob’.



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3 responses to “Woo! Party at my house!

  1. Egad, girl. Save up your strength for being old because you’ll need it! The world gets crazier; your hair gets grayer (everywhere); your body does strange things that you’d rather it not do and refuses to do the things you wish it to do. Paul had nothing on old people when he said “I do those things I do not wish to do….etc.”

    But, I’ll celebrate the transition with you! It’s a grand a glorious life with lots of paths and friends along the way. Here’s to you, Mary Sue’s first gray hair!!!

  2. I pulled my first grey hair, stuck it to a piece of black construction paper and sent it to Mom who laughed merrily. I was told that pulling it would result in many more. That was almost 15 years ago. I have grown very few since. May you have similar luck. Sure saves on hair coloring, if one is into that which I never will be.

  3. Haha. I love this. I’m about to turn 30, and I wrote a ridiculous song about it in advance.

    One thousand five hundred sixty one Tuesdays, and I just turned thirty last week.
    I can’t say I mind all the stigmas of this age, No sir that doesn’t phase me.
    Leaving my twenties behind doesn’t matter, ’cause I could be blind or be mad as a hatter,
    But as you can see I am seein’ just fine, and I’m just as sane as at age twenty-nine.

    Happy aging.